Chittagong University Debating Society (CUDS), the central debate organization of the University of Chittagong, was established in 1996 by some passionate students with a vision to establish free speech and logical thinking within the students of the University of Chittagong. After its initiation, successively, It has got some cordial guardian named Prof. Dr. Mahbubul Haque (2000 to 2015), Prof. Dr. Emran Hossain (2015 to 2018) , Prof. Dr. ABM Abu Noman (2018 to present) as its moderators who have played noteworthy roles to ensure current success.

The Focus of CUDS’ Activity is to promote awareness on various social issues through debate education. Currently, it is one of the remarkable debating organizations of the nation who come with highly skilled nationally and internationally recognized Debaters and Adjudicators. Every year, it hosts a variety of activities geared towards developing dialogue and critical thinking is offered to diverse sets of audiences of Bangladesh. CUDS has represented ‘University of Chittagong’ in World Universities Debating Championship for consecutive years since 2012.

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